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We've been providing hypnosis-based therapies since 2007, and operate Vancouver's largest and advanced hypnotherapy clinic.

Over the years we have worked with well over 5,000 clients and have developed a wide range of services. Our experience as a therapy group is now very broad. So much so that even listing all our services has become a challenge. Prominent areas of expertise include Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Alcohol Management, Phobia Removal as well as Stress & Anxiety Management. 

However, it’s also not unusual for us to be asked to help with chronic pain, I.B.S or even study skills and confident public speaking. We have supported thousands of clients struggling with these issues, and continue to work with individuals, other health care professionals, and support networks.

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Why Vancouver Hypnotherapy?

Our certified technical hypnotherapists deliver an advanced form of clinical hypnotherapy. We work in the most challenging areas of hypnotherapy. We support clients confronting issues of varying degrees of magnitude. We are available to help, even when there's no obvious road ahead. In the past we've found solutions for clients who have virtually given up.

In view of the volume of work passing through the doors of Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. it is not surprising that we have the most experienced therapists. No other therapy company locally can offer this depth of expertise or this range of therapy solutions.

In many instances, we can help where other options have failed.

 We have a range of therapists specializing in specific disciplines. Our therapist are the most highly trained you will find in Vancouver, and in most cases lead the field in their area of specialization. No therapist working alone can hope to provide the level of service and detail that our system can provide.

How Effective is Hypnosis?

Results of a Comparative Study by American Health Magazine

38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behaviour Therapy:
72% recovery after 22 sessions

93% recovery after 6 sessions

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