​Meet The Vancouver Hypnotherapy Team

Kary Blaney

As Lead Therapist, Kary is an integral part of the Vancouver Hypnotherapy Team. ​​ With 10 years experience as a Technical Hypnotherapist she is uniquely and firmly qualified to help you.

She has worked with close to 1,000 clients, helping them go from struggling to make changes to discovering that they really do have the ability to succeed in as little a 3-5 weeks (Smokers successfully quit smoking in as little as 2 hours!).

​She ​has a balanced mix of compassion, logic, creativity and spirituality (any of our blog posts with a biblical spin are written by her). Often showing clients a different and more empowering way of viewing their challenges. 

She has specialized training in:

  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Loss
  • Alcohol Management
  • I.B.S Relief
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Phobia Removal
  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Before she dedicated herself to helping people say adios to frequent self-sabotage, she was an Inventory Controller and Purchaser which honed her problem solving skills which she uses in her solutions-focused therapy style.

Angie Bender

​Angie's ability to address core issues directly and engage with clients at a fundamental level has helped her to find a valuable position ​on the team at Vancouver Hypnotherapy. ​Her powerful and confident style of hypnosis is ideally suited to work with clients of a physical nature or an emotional one.  

​She is accredited by the ​Technical Hypnotherapy Association, ​She is 5–Path Certified, and a 7–Path Self Hypnosis teacher. ​In addition, ​her background in teaching, outdoor recreation and training, and anthropology have prepared ​her perfectly for the work she now does. ​

She is an enthusiastic traveller which brings the benefit of insight from other cultures to the modern world of Vancouver. Having said that, ​she's not above whipping out her pendulum and hypnotising people in a hotel in Rio.

​She brings a practicality, an easy style to hypnosis, and common sense to her sessions. There are no crystal balls here. Just realistic solutions to real world problems.

Parisa Ebrahimi

​The newest member of the team, Parisa brings a fresh new perspective. She has been successfully helping her clients reach new levels of success, whether it's quitting cigarettes, releasing excess weight, or feeling more confident in their ability to give that rousing speech. You can trust that Parisa will bring a solid skill-set to your session.

She has an proven track record of consistently happy clients.