Our Story

Vancouver Hypnotherapy originally started as just one hypnotist (Rob Hadley) in 2007, practicing a fairly standardised style of hypnosis. At that time, there were plenty of hypnotists around town who specialised in metaphysical experiences. While we recognise that there are many people who want that type of therapy, we tend to take more of a common sense, logical approach.

Not surprisingly, we quickly discovered that there are many people in the Lower Mainland who want (need) help with real-life issues. Rather quickly, a need was identified to provide support for clients with substance use, especially in the area of alcohol management

With additional team members over the years (Kary, Angie, and Parisa), came the opportunity to extend our hours and range of services, while retaining the focus on being results-driven. With an increase in capacity, Vancouver Hypnotherapy and Coaching remains committed to a philosophy of tangible and measurable results. In the summer of 2018, Rob moved on to focus on other areas of interest.  You can read more about our team here

At Vancouver Hypnotherapy and Coaching, our approach is to deal with real world problems and provide genuine solutions. This is done in a professional environment with staff who are trained to the highest standards.

Because we have a number of Consulting Hypnotists, often specialising in specific disciplines and styles, we are able to offer prompt treatment for most of life's challenges. No hypnotist working alone can hope to provide the level of service and detail that our system can provide.

Our goal is always to provide you with the absolute best service possible.