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Tobacco Marketing Costs

$9 BILLION dollars in 2014… YEAH! You read that right… $9 BILLION!!!  That’s how much money the tobacco industry (Big Tobacco) spent in 2014 to get and keep you hooked! Now, $9,000,000,000 (billion) is a HUGE number which psychologically is difficult to fathom, so  I’ll break it down a little bit further. That works out to […]

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1 Simple Thing

1 Simple Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Life! Assume Nothing! It is the nature of the human mind to analyze and jump to conclusions based on the information at hand. Our brains are always trying to categorize everything into safe little boxes. It’s one of our cool survival strategies, rooted deeply in our limbic brain. Oh […]

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Labels and the subconscious mind I AM… 2 of the most powerful words in the English language. Why? Because what you place after them WILL shape your life. Your subconscious mind loves goals. In fact, it is continuously striving for goals without you even being aware of it. The goals it will work towards are the things […]

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