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Tobacco Marketing Costs

$9 BILLION dollars in 2014.. YEAH! You read that right… $9 BILLION!!!That’s how much the tobacco industry (Big Tobacco) spent in 2014 to get and keep you hooked! Now, $9,000,000,000 (billion) is a HUGE number which psychologically is difficult to fathom, so  I’ll break it down a little bit further. That works out to $25 Million […]

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Coffee & Cigarettes: If you only knew!

​Coffee & Cigarettes – more connected than you know!For so many people, cigarettes go hand-in-hand with coffee. And yet they have no idea what happens inside the body every time they start mixing them up.Both increase heart rate and speed up other bodily functions.Both have temporary mood altering behaviours.Both easily become habit-forming at a psychological […]

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