Coaching Rates

Kary currently two different offerings for HypnoCoaching®. Each program involves a 12-week investment of time (approximately 3 months).

  • General HypnoCoaching - This Life Coaching option is great for clients with multiple life challenges they want to work through. We look at life as a whole with this offering. 
  • Success HypnoCoaching┬« - For aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who want to end self-sabotage and kickstart their success. This Life Coaching process focusses primarily on business success.
Monthly payment

3 monthly payments (once per month)




  • Payments once per month to spread the payments out
  • Via Stripe Only
  • Plus applicable taxes
additional Hypnosis Sessions

Want some extra Hypnosis?




  • 60-Minute Session
  • Smoking Cessation requires 2 sessions back-to-back
  • Plus applicable Taxes