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Lesson 5

This is it, the fifth and final chapter of the Commit To Quit program.


Let's quickly summarize how far we've come…


The smoking deal: We've seen how smoking is a sort of deal and discussed how much you need to love smoking to make that deal a fair one. Otherwise smoking is just taking you for a fool.


Expectation, not addiction: We saw how the physical addiction idea is overplayed and how millions of people stop smoking painlessly when their psychological expectations change. Just keep snapping those fingers!


Avoid the snap-back: We looked at the rubber band effect and how willpower alone - a conscious effort - isn't nearly as powerful as an subconscious feeling that you have outgrown smoking. When you feel it's the right time.


Steady as she goes: In chapter four we looked at how your life needs some balance before you have the spare capacity to escape smoking. And also how smoking tricks people into thinking its a kind of friend even as it thieves or sometimes murders them.


The whole point of the Commit To Quit program was to find out how ready you are.


I love helping people get to the point where it feels much more natural not smoking because I know what its like to be a smoker - I’ve sat across from so many who felt like slaves to smoking and together we have, as a team, loosened the chains to the point where walking away became easy. I am passionate about this now because when it comes down to it, it is about potentially saving a life, your life.

​What's next?

At the end of this lesson you’ll find ​the quick quiz with simple yes or no answers. This quiz will ive you a good idea of wher eyou are in terms of readiness to quit.

If you want some powerful hypnotic help in actually ​quitting cigarettes once and for all then you can book your Smoke-Free Life Session today. It is a carefully structured and personalized hypnosis session that will help you reach the point where smoking feels truly ​different to you.


Now I'm not promising its some kind of miracle cure for all smokers, but after nearly 10 years of refining my approach with hundreds of smokers, I can promise you that it is very, very effective 🙂


As a general rule, you will only need the one session to start your new Smoke-Free Life.


And of course, we have a policy that should you need a booster within 2 weeks of your session we'll get you booked in ASAP to get you back on track. This is of course contingent on your engagement with some easy homework such as getting into a sauna, eating breakfast and getting some exercise. 3 things which my clients have found make the physical process so much easier!


​We've also included a download to help you learn to get good at going into hypnosis (although a lot of people don't really need this).


You'll also receive an MP3 for your use after our session which will assist you to stay Free!


With the Smoke-Free Life Program, you can just relax and enjoy the experience of retraining your subconscious mind as it gently releases smoking's chains and you can walk away.