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Positive testimonials and reviews are excellent ways to let other people know that hypnosis is a fantastic way to make positive changes. We would love to hear your feedback.  On this page you will find various methods to leave a review/testimonial and we do truly value your feedback!

Leave a review directly on our website via the form below!

**Adding a picture (of your choosing) will make  sure people know that you in fact a real person! 🙂

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There are a couple online places you can leave reviews!

Google Reviews - You can write a review on Google here.

Facebook - Please like and follow us on Facebook. You'll also find an option there for leaving reviews.

Email - Of course, we also happily accept testimonials via email. Send us a picture to go along with it please.

Video - Video testimonials are the abolutely best kind EVER! We adore video testimonials and would be more than happy to chat with you about how to make that happen.

Yelp - Meh. We're not really a big fan of Yelp. Unless you are a VERY active user on Yelp, they will consider your review "not recommended" and hide it away from general view.  If you do happen to be an active Yelp user, we would truly love to have your positive review there as well.

No matter which option you choose, our online form or through one of the online choices...