You Want Change...   We help make it easy.

Hypnosis helps you get rid of what you don't like, get more of what you do like. And discover what makes you tick.

How Effective is Hypnosis?

Results of a Comparative Study by American Health Magazine

38% recovery after 600 sessions

Behaviour Therapy:
72% recovery after 22 sessions

93% recovery after 6 sessions

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis provide a direct link to your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is essentially "Command Central" for all of your memories, fears, habits and beliefs. If you've ever experienced self-sabotage, that was your subconscious mind at play. 

Hypnosis is one of the quickest and easiest ways for you to reach your goals without needing to copious amount of will-power, even if tried and failed 10x before!

It will require some effort on your part, but the vast majority of Vancouver Hypnotherapy clients have commented on how easy it was when we helped get their subconscious mind on board!

What Our Clients Are Saying:


Your Health Is Worth It!

I thought I'd never quit, I thought I'd always still want to smoke, I thought it'd be stressful. I'm proud to say I'm well over a 100 days clean. You can do it too!! In the end it was me that quit smoking and it was Vancouver Hypnotherapy that gave me the tools to do it, and they did it in a few hours.

You're health is worth it, being that version of yourself you want to be is worth it

Carl G.

I stopped snacking in the evening all together

Thank you so much for literally changing my life. I came in to address my weight and weight-loss problems and I left there with so much confidence and joy, I can't even explain how thankful I am and how amazing Vancouver Hypnotherapy is. They completely fixed the way I think about food, how habits can affect me and my emotional eating. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Stephanie Q.

How Many Sessions Will You Need?

Over the course of 12 years, we've discovered that the majority of challenges can be sorted out in approximately 3-5 hypnotherapy sessions.  

Presenting Challenge

Number of Sessions

1 session (with the possibility of a booster)

3-10 Sessions (dependent on severity)

4-5 Sessions

3 Sessions

3-5 Sessions


3 Sessions

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

5-7 Sessions

Sleep Issues

3-5 Sessions

​3 Sessions

For clients who are willing to commit to a certain amount of sessions, we do offer commitment discounts. You can read more about these opportunities for saving here.

*This is based on 5 years of  Vancouver Hypnotherapy data working with clients presenting with these issues. It should not be taken as a guarantee nor limitation but purely as a guideline based on past experience.

Of course, we are able to work with many issues outside this list. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if your individual needs aren’t addressed in the categories above and we would be happy to discuss how hypnotherapy could be beneficial for you.

Send us a message, we'd love to hear from you!​