How do you label yourself? 

By  Kary

Labels and the subconscious mind

I AM… 2 of the most powerful words in the English language. Why? Because what you place after them WILL shape your life.

Your subconscious mind loves goals. In fact, it is continuously striving for goals without you even being aware of it. The goals it will work towards are the things you place thoughts and focus on. This is why ‘I AM’ is such a game changer. Now those goals can be positive and uplifting or they can be negative and drag you down. This is where ‘I Am…” comes into play.

To the subconscious mind, "I Am" is a statement of truth and it will strive to maintain that truth. Whether it is in fact actually TRUE doesn’t matter. It is considered a personal truth.

In order to allow your subconscious mind to work FOR you instead of against your goals try to change the "I Am" statements to positive progressive action-oriented truths.  For example:

Old Truth

New Truth

I am fat...

I am making healthier choices every day!

I'm a bad dancer...

I am constantly learning different ways to move my body to music

I am a screw-up...

I allow for mistakes because that is how I learn.

See, the new statements need to be positive, possible, and progressive. The old truth was owning a negative aspect. The new truth is owning positive change. How does your current thought pattern sabotage your goals? Which labels have you applied to yourself? How can they be reframed for positive change?

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to reframe and reprogram how you think about yourself. If you need some extra help, please call us today!