Resolutions Stick With Hypnosis! 

By  Kary

Resolutions ​- I'm rethinking them!

I’ve never really understood the concept of New Years resolutions. See, in life, I tend to be a realist. Logic always wins me over.

My belief has always been that I’m either going to do something or not do something. And then stuck with that decision (for the most part). Although the procrastinator part of me has always kind of admired the justification of the “maybe next year” excuse. But that's a whole different blog post which I’ll definitely maybe do later… LOL

The dictionary defines Resolution as follows:

​So, on a logical level I agree,  a resolution is simply the act of making a firm decision. I can buy into that! After all, we already know that wishy-washy decisions will never last more than a day or two. But this is where the logic ends for me! Buying a new calendar won’t magically make anyone more determined and firm in their decisions.

Statistics don’t lie!

A 2007 study from the University of Bristol suggested that 88% of New Years Resolutions fail despite the fact that 52% were confident at the beginning. Plus, based on my own experience, I’ve always thought that my Work Calendar would be booked with Quit Smoking sessions the 1st week of January, but such was not the case. It seems that everyone wants to have-a-go at it on their own using… wait for it…. will-power​! And my calendar would agree, statistically speaking... since 2010 I've seen the 3rd week being the one that really books up! Turns out that will-power resolutions don’t last long.

Those odds aren’t worth the gamble in my books! Especially if the decision you need to make is regarding your health!

Let’s Team Up for Success!

Instead of making your decision based on a new calendar year, why not take advantage of the most powerful tool you have in your arsenal… your brain. Hypnosis has proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways to kick the smoking habit to the curb. In fact, we typically have an 85% success rate with just one session!

You bring your motivation and resolve and I’ll help you harness the powerhouse of your subconscious mind. Let’s get you feeling better and healthier TODAY!

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Carpe Diem!