Commit To Quit

5 Lessons

About this course

The 5 lesson program will help you mentally prepare for your quit day. 

Ideally you will read through one lesson per day over the course of five days. 

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Course Structure

Why you should LOVE smoking! (And the longest lesson in the bunch)

This is the longest lesson in all of them, be patient! They get easier (and shorter) after this one :)

How Did Cigarettes Trap You?

So the big question for today is: Have you become too physically addicted to free yourself from cigarettes?

The trouble with willpower!

Willpower... such a fickle beast!

Is NOW really the right time to quit?

In some instances, waiting until later just might be the best case.

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It's time! Discover whether now is the right time for you.

Also, when you complete the quick quiz, you will be emailed a self-hypnosis MP3 which many of our clients have found useful to help them reduce the amount of cigarettes they smoke.