Hypnosis for Stress Reduction!

Are you getting irritated by the little things? Has stress been taking over your life? Is overwhelm growing? We can help!

Hypnosis has proven to be very effective in helping our clients maintain their calm, even in the most stressful moments!

Most clients of Vancouver Hypnotherapy experience positive results in as little as 4–5 sessions.

Why Worry About Stress?

Although most people are aware that they are experiencing stress, they may not understand the many angers frequent stress can cause. Feeling stressed on a regular basis can cause dozens of different and dangerous symptoms which affect you physically as well as mentally.

The most dangerous effect of stress:

  • Healthcare Burden: Stress is responsible for around 75% of all doctor's visits, contributing to a significant healthcare burden.
  • Serious Health Risks: Many serious health problems can be directly related to stress, including strokes, heart attacks, ulcers, hypertension, and, in extreme cases, even death.
  • Cognitive Impact: Poor concentration, memory issues, fatigue, and migraines can often be attributed to stress.
  • Substance Abuse: Stress has been linked to increased alcohol and drug consumption.
  • Workplace Absenteeism: It's a leading cause of missed work, accounting for 1,751,000 days lost per year.
  • Decreased Productivity: Stress can lead to more mistakes and apathy, affecting job performance, family life, and overall well-being.
  • Epidemic Status: Termed the "Health Epidemic of the 21st Century," stress is a pervasive issue.
  • Rising Job Stress: Over 75% of workers feel that job-related stress has increased compared to a generation ago.

Recognising Stress: A Common Experience 

Most people can instantly identify 3 to 5 stressors in their lives. This observation reveals three vital facts about stress:

1. Universal Experience: Firstly, almost everyone experiences some level of stress at various points in life.

2. Identifying Stressors: The second important aspect is the ability to pinpoint the sources of stress, which is crucial for effective stress management.

3. Desire for Relief: The third, and perhaps most significant, is the desire to reduce or eliminate stress levels. People generally seek ways to alleviate their stress.

Hypnosis: The State of Hyper Suggestibility

Hypnosis is often described as a state of hyper-suggestibility. In this state, your mind becomes highly receptive to positive suggestions, enabling you to reshape your responses to life's challenges.

Transforming Stress Responses

While it's impossible to eliminate all stress from your life, it's entirely feasible to alter how you react to stressful situations. Read more below from our past clients who were able to overcome their issues related to stress.

Patricia K.

My job can be very demanding and I was always stressed out. I had reached a point where I was reacting badly to everything at work. I also started resenting my boss and co-workers. I felt a sense of dread having to go to work everyday and I was on the verge of quitting. I felt depressed having to go to work everyday, even though I had a good job.

After just a few sessions with Kary, I started feeling more positive about my job and co-workers and I am able to handle work situations without getting overly stressed out. I am currently in the midst of busy season at work and I'm dealing with it successfully. My mindset it much more positive and I don't let things get to me the way they used to. Hypnotherapy has help me successfully manage my stress in a very short period of time. My sessions with Kary were very relaxing and I always felt happier afterwards.

Just try it. It really works!

Catherine Delf

I was struggling so much with IBS symptoms related to stress. This lead to persistent inflammation which is very detrimental to health physically and emotionally.

I regularly listen to my hypnotherapy sessions that Kary has shared with me to calm and centre my mind and subconscious mind. This has been so life changing for me!

Kary taught me about how very powerful our subconscious mind is and how we can literally heal ourselves. Our body is so intelligent and powerful, our attitude and energy contributes directly to our health mentally and physically. Kary taught me many techniques for managing major and minor everyday stressors and this has proved to be an invaluable tool dealing with my cancer prognosis now.

Ready For The Next Step?

Imagine how amazing it would be to have control over how you respond to stressful situations. With the use of hypnosis, there is no person, thought, idea, memory, feeling, or sensation that could control your life. Our clients constantly comment on how much they enjoy feeling in control of their lives.

Once you take control of your life with hypnosis, you may wonder how you ever got by without it.