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​Meet The Vancouver Hypnotherapy Team

Kary Blaney

As Lead Therapist, Kary is an integral part of the Vancouver Hypnotherapy Team. With 10 years experience as a Technical Hypnotherapist she is uniquely and firmly qualified to help you.

She has worked with close to 1,000 clients, helping them go from struggling to make changes to discovering that they really do have the ability to succeed in as little a 3-5 weeks (Smokers successfully quit smoking in as little as 2 hours!).

Often showing clients a different and more empowering way of viewing their challenges. She has a balanced mix of compassion, logic, creativity and spirituality (any of our blog posts with a biblical spin are written by her).

She has specialised training in:

  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • ​Smoking Cessation
  • ​Weight Loss
  • ​Alcohol Management
  • ​Phobia Removal
  • I.B.S. Relief
  • Sports Enhancement
  • ​NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Angie Bender

Angie's ability to address core issues directly and engage with clients at a fundamental level has helped her to find a valuable position on the team at Vancouver Hypnotherapy. Her powerful and confident style of hypnosis is ideally suited to work with clients of a physical nature or an emotional one.  

She is accredited by the Technical Hypnotherapy Association, She is 5–Path Certified, and a 7–Path Self Hypnosis teacher. In addition, her background in teaching, anthropology, outdoor recreation and training have prepared her perfectly for the work she now does.

She is an enthusiastic traveler which brings the benefit of insight from other cultures to the modern world of Vancouver. Having said that, she's not above whipping out her pendulum and hypnotising people in a hotel in Rio.

She brings a practicality, an easy style to hypnosis, and common sense to her sessions. There are no crystal balls here. Just realistic solutions to real world problems.

Parisa Ebrahimi

A natural born soul-cheerleader for those around her, Parisa brings a motivating enthusiasm and energy to all her sessions. Also a Yoga teacher, Parisa has a solid understanding of the body, how it moves, and how it can be used as a tool to overcome any blocks in life. She uses her many modalIties to help her clients reconnect with their physical and emotional bodies so they can feel in their full power no matter the situation. 

Parisa believes in empowering her clients to recognize their full potential and create continued success within their lives. 

Using her strong emotional intelligence and naturally compassionate nature, you can trust that Parisa will help you feel safe and secure as you navigate through any issues or blocks. She employs practicality and logic to ensure that solutions are tailored to your own wants and needs. 

She has an proven track record of consistently happy and thriving clients. Areas of success include:

  • ​Smoking Cessation
  • ​Weight Loss
  • ​Anxiety Management
  • ​Confidence Building
  • ​Phobia Removal
  • ​Pain Management