Using Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Our weight loss process enjoys success because it is not only effective, it's enjoyable. Other systems fight against your natural appetite and desires. Our system works within and slightly alters them. You will think about food in a subtly different, healthier way.  Real change occurs when that mindset shift happens! It's not like you can't have that dessert, you just simply don't want it quite so much.

While there are ways to use hypnosis to assist in a calorie controlled diet, extreme calorie restriction goes against your inborn reflexes. There are far more effective ways of using hypnosis if you are serious about managing your weight. Our objective with this program is to instill a healthier relationship with food and establish a change in the way  you use and think about food. So that you'll be eating for the right reasons, not because of stress, boredom, loneliness etc. 

Our assumption is that you already know what is considered a healthy diet, but are simply having some challenges with eating in that healthy way. Our method involves some simple and easy to follow techniques around how you eat, and uses hypnosis to reinforce healthy reasons as to why you eat.

Why Diets Fail

Diets are big business. And where you find the lure of financial gain, you will find a broad spectrum of practitioner's - from the sincere to the charlatans. 

Many diets simply restrict the way you use food. Often, they will work int he short term, you may lose some weight initially, but as soon as the "diet" ends it comes right back on again. This is because you were asked to address your issue at a conscious level, while the problem lies entirely at a subconscious level. Simply reducing calories may temporarily leave the person "lighter", but so dissatisfied that it's only a matter of time before their diet fails and they revert back to their former weight. It does nothing to address the way they actually use and think about food once they return to their normal life. You are quite literally left struggling against a part of you that "wants more". And that's not a fight you can win. 

Simply choosing to buy food that is labeled "low-fat", or distributed by a pyramid scheme marketing method, is not going to work in the long run. In many cases, low/no fat options are filled with chemicals which are just as problematic. Your intent may be good, but you are being sucked into the common misconception that there is an easy no-effort solution. They're simply isn't. 

Ultimately, what it comes down to is eating healthy foods, in appropriate quantities and for the right reasons.  Generally, when there are concerns about extra weight, the client is often eating for reasons other than legitimate hunger. This is why a big part of our program addresses emotional eating.

This is one very good reason why many diet simply don't work. The underlying issue is left unaddressed, and after a determined but temporary effort on the part of the client, the weight simply returns.

When you use hypnosis to address weight issues you will change not only the eating behaviour, but also the underlying belief system. This is precisely why our healthy eating program is so effective. People report not only losing weight, but feeling better and more positive in general.

Now that's progress!

Why Our System Works

You will shift the way you think about food. That is no small task. Using hypnosis, we help you to reduce the impulse to use food in an unhealthy matter, and instill a measure of moderation that will ultimately bring about the desired effect. Additionally where needed, we can help with motivation towards an appropriate level of exercise. Your new and healthy outlook will leave you gently reducing in size until you stabilize at a comfortable new weight.

Most clients will see us for approximately 3 - 5 sessions (once per week). You can learn more about our rates here.

We consistently come back to a couple of basic points:

  1. Weight loss is dependent on a shift in eating patterns, and possibly a shift in activity levels.
  2. You need to address the way you think about food - or else you will revert to previous eating.

Our program establishes a process of healthy eating practices and ways of thinking about food that will underpin the way you think of food for the rest of your life.

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How To Prepare

Like most things, it really helps to go into a program with a plan. You will be changing the way you think about food. You will be stepping up your exercise a little. You will need to choose a form of exercise that you enjoy - so that it's easy to commit to.

Hypnotherapy helps make these decisions flow naturally. You will soon be nurturing your body with a new enthusiasm.

You don't need to decide to run a marathon (unless you want to of course). For some people it will be a brisk walk each day. For others, a commitment to get into yoga daily. It really depends on where you're starting from. But, if you are serious about getting results, you will need to choose to do something on a regular basis. So start to think about what you would like to do.

Some common options are:

  • A daily walk.
  • Taking a dance class.
  • Walking your own or a friend's dog.
  • Getting to a pool once or twice a week.
  • Stepping up your time at the gym.
  • Cycling to work.
  • Deciding to do exercise with a friend, instead of alone.

You can immediately see the fallacy of diet pills, herbal products that make outlandish claims and all the other Quick Fix diets. This is a process that will require effort and that is okay, you can do it. Using hypnosis you will be reinforcing your own commitment and giving yourself the extra motivation necessary to make the difference.

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